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An Interview with Realtor and Partner Priscilla Martell

Priscilla's appreciation for creating a home, family history in real estate, and great communication skills all bring essential roles as a contributor and agent to The Girl and The Home.

Where did you grow up and what is your background?

I grew up mostly in the valley in Los Angeles county, and lived most of my life in Sunland. I loved it because it had that 'small town' feel with one main street; close to nature, with gorgeous mountain views, but was within 15 minutes of the city. It was very convenient to great areas where my friends were, and also close to great shopping.

As a child of immigrants, first generation in LA, I associate with a lot of cultures because the area is so diverse. I don’t consider myself one culture. My mom is Ecuadorian and my dad is Mexican but I’m influenced by all the cultures around me, which is what I love about living in Los Angeles. I’m bi-lingual and speak Spanish and English fluently. I feel like I’m pieces of all the different cultures and enjoy being able to adapt and understand the beauty of the differences, their food and different types of communication between people. I’ve always been an observer which is how I’ve learned from different people and cultures.

What attracted you to working in real estate?

My parents were in real estate from when I was young, and what I appreciated most about watching my parents was that they really wanted people to get into homes and get access to something that was going to be all their own. Many were away from home also living here as immigrants, and they needed help. My parents helped them bridge the language and cultural gap. Their clients were trusting them with their life savings to help them attain their dream, allowing them to set roots and establish their families here. It was very touching. My mom’s first client was a friend of mine from school. The first experience I remember was being a teenager and seeing my friend’s family move into their very first home. I went with my mom to all the showings, using the Thomas Guide to get her to all the houses! I would check the beeper, hold the quarters so we could pull over and make the phone calls at the pay phones. It was definitely the 90s!

These years really shaped me as a person. My parents always taught us to help, and started me on volunteering from a very young age. Helping people was integral to our life and of course work naturally involved helping people. It was a natural transition to get my real estate license in 2004.

Another aspect of real estate is that I love home design. I enjoy the stories of the home, and the families that have lived there before. I think it’s really fun to see potential and the creativity in imagining what a house can be. It’s exciting to see what the client likes, their vision for the home and what they go on to create.

I moved to Eagle Rock 18 years ago, and came to love and appreciate the history that is here in North East Los Angeles. The neighborhood and homes are very distinct and individual, so I truly appreciate what a different experience it is to live in an area that has an interesting story. I saw the differences of living in a brand new house and then living in an older home. Not that I didn’t enjoy the modern conveniences of where I grew up, but it’s been a really great experience living in place that is different.

Priscilla and her dog Nico, at her Craftsman style home in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

Other things you'd like people to know about you?

  • I’m married.

  • I have a dog.

  • I enjoy gardening and cooking.

  • Volunteering is still a really big part of my life.

  • I'm close to my family and friends and enjoy being around people that I love, which is a really big part of me.

  • Travel - learning different foods, cultures and homes around all parts of the world - from Africa from the more nomadic tent lifestyle all the way to European palaces; I’ve enjoyed seeing and experiencing all of it.

What are the things that influence your approach to working with your clients?

The most important thing to me is to listen and learn from my clients in order to help them. You have to put yourself aside a little bit to adapt to the person’s vision that you are working with. It’s not about me, i.e. you might have an idea of what’s good for them, but it’s always best to make sure that you are listening and adapting to their vision. Taking into account the details is important, and what matters to them.

What are your goals at the Girl and the Home?

My goals are to create a good experience in the sale or the purchase of a home, while also working in a team. The Girl in The Home is in a great position to offer that because we are all aligned with the same values. We all want to have fun while bringing positivity and great service to our clients, which is what this process should be!

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