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An Interview with Realtor - Erin Rodriguez

Erin comes to The Girl and the Home with an un-ending positive attitude and passion for ensuring a smooth experience to her clients. We are thrilled to be working with her!

Where did you grow up and what is your background?

I grew up in the small town of West Plains, Missouri, a quaint town with a population of less than 10,000 people. It was a very close-knit community and everyone knew one another. Life was slow paced with access to beautiful lakes, rivers, and forests. But as a young adult I wanted to experience suburban life and moved to New York. My full-time volunteer work took me to New York for the next 8 years where I also worked in the medical field. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in New York. Living in such a melting pot of cultures and diversity was a dream come true for this girl from middle America. I loved meeting people and making lifelong friends from all different cultures and backgrounds. One of my adventures involved moving to the Dominican Republic for 6 months with 5 girlfriends to further my volunteer work and learn Spanish. It was such a life changing experience that impacted the rest of my life! Meeting my husband eventually brought me to California, first to the Bay Area and now for the past 7 years to Los Angeles.

What attracted you to working in real estate?

My path to real estate started when I was 17! I was recruited through my senior year marketing class to work as a receptionist at RE/MAX, where I learned how to search properties for clients and got to experience the excitement of helping people in my community to own their own home.

My career path took a detour from real estate for the years that followed but as my first real job at a young age it helped shape my goals and taught me strict ethical standards that I could apply to future jobs.

Fast forward to present day… when I had the opportunity to join a real estate team that were not only close friends but real estate professionals with skills and assets that I aspire towards, I didn’t hesitate to say YES! My original career path from my teenage years led me back to where I started… in real estate with an amazing team and in a city I love. My favorite thing about all my previous jobs and volunteer work has been using whatever knowledge and experience I possess to help and educate others. Real estate is the perfect opportunity to advocate for people in what can seem to be a frightening and complicated important life decision! It’s a such a rewarding experience. I love the fact that a home has its own personality and its own story to tell. In many cases a home contains generations of memories and it becomes an integral part of who you are as person. The diversity of the architecture in Los Angeles makes it a fascinating and exciting place to call home.

Other things you'd like people to know about you?

  • I’m a Notary Public

  • I love to exercise and join my friends for rides on the Peloton bike.

  • Trying new recipes and cooking for my friends and entertaining are my favorite hobbies

  • I speak Spanish and am learning Arabic to be able to reach more people with my community volunteer work

  • I love to take advantage of SoCal summers. You can find me soaking in the sun and playing volleyball at Manhattan Beach

What are the things that influence your approach to working with your clients?

Knowing that my clients have placed a lot of trust in me to be their advocate in such an important transaction is a big responsibility that I take seriously. I believe that empathy is vital and helps to ease the client’s concerns at each step of the transaction since buying and selling a home can be such an overwhelming and emotional decision. That’s why I’m always striving to put myself in the client’s shoes and to continue my education for their benefit in order to stay relevant in this changing market.

What are your goals at the Girl and the Home?

I’m excited to better serve and educate my clients by growing my own experience. I’m also excited be part of the TGATH team and I look forward to using my customer service experience to help grow our business. I want to continue to find ways to understand and anticipate my client’s needs and be the kind of agent that they would be excited to refer to their friends.


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