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Congratulations New Homeowner! Fantastic Fishell

We love first time homebuyers. It’s rewarding and also exciting to help guide them through the process, despite all the emotional ups and downs that go with it. Then, every once in a while, there are some first time homebuyers that you ask, “Are you really a first time homebuyer? How are you so calm?!” Real questions asked when we were showing Fishell properties.

That’s Fishell… she was confident, focused, but also came to us with knowledge, preparation and understanding of what the market was like. She knew that there was going to be a lot of competition out there and was ready to make a move to compete when she found the right property. Guess what, with the right attitude and mentality, she beat out 15 (!) other offers on an IMMACULATE designer condo in the North Hills neighborhood of LA … the very first condo she offered on, unheard of!!! She knew what she wanted and went for it... game face ON!

Fishell's new home is a spacious 1275 sq feet 2 bedroom 3 bath (bonus space in the garage!) unit, completely designed and re-modeled from top to bottom with gorgeous oak floors and multiple stone fireplaces; one in the living room and master bedroom. Warm, spacious, inviting and extra cool... just like our new homeowner!

We were so proud to be able to work with her in this incredibly smooth process, on getting her a truly gorgeous property. She made it look easy peasy!

Isn't she lovely in her new gorgeous living room!?!?

The space was fully remodeled by an interior designer seller. So spacious, warm and inviting! Congrats Fishell! We are so happy for you!!!


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