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Congratulations New Homeowner! Our Friend Tammy

Our long time friend, Tammy purchased a one bedroom condo in 2014 with TGATH. Originally, she was looking for a 2 bedroom +1 bath home, but couldn’t find a place that she liked in her price range. Settling on a 1 bedroom + 1 bath place allowed Tammy to build equity over time, without having to invest into a lot of home maintenance, costly upgrades to her move-in ready condo, or to pay off someone else's mortgage by continuing to rent and wait it out. In essence, her decision to buy her cozy, but 'not ideal' condo, was her foot into the real estate market and an investment into her own financial and home-owning future.

Fast forward to 2020... the equity she built, just living in her condo, allowed her to upgrade to a beautiful 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom tenancy-in-common unit (TIC), as a high school photography teacher and maintaining her same income. What a smart lady Tammy is! We love sharing her story because it's a lesson we can all learn from; good things happen to those who wait and have the confidence and fearlessness to take advantage of the right time and right place.

Take a peek at Tammy in her beautiful new home in the heart of Los Angeles; the Arlington Heights neighborhood in Mid-City, another vibrant and diverse community of cultures and businesses with still a ton of potential for growth. Her home, built in the 1920's, is a1200 square foot unit, in a four-plex which had been transformed into an absolute DREAM of a home, maintaining it's vintage details, with a decorative fireplace, wood windows, white oak flooring, original crown molding and high ceilings. To top it off, she got her own (HUGE) private side yard and two parking spaces. We are so completely thrilled and excited for her! Yay Tammy, you did it!!!


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