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Congratulations New Homeowner! Sven

Timing is everything, and our client Sven was able to purchase an incredible property at the perfect time, in one of the best locations in Los Angeles - the heart of Silverlake; a creative, walkable neighborhood close to amazing restaurants, small businesses and parks.

Part investor, part first-time home buyer, Sven was on a long search for a multi-unit property that he could not only utilize his talent as an architect and designer, but also a place he could call home. He landed on a Spanish style duplex with a top and bottom unit, being delivered vacant - an incredible rarity in this market, under-scoring the perfect timing of discovering this home and huge opportunity in this property.

TGATH helped Sven identify this property as well as guided him through the process of purchasing a home that needed attention from multiple contractors and trades people. The goal was to make this a win for everyone, and the positive and reasonable communication from all parties resulted in a pleasant escrow for everyone involved.

As heavy cosmetic fixer, with some light foundation work needed, our talented client is ready to transform this diamond in the rough, and we can not wait to see the progress and results! It is truly a gem and big score.


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