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Congratulations New Homeowners! Mariela + Eduardo

We are so excited to congratulate this lovely engaged couple who purchased their very first home! As homebuyers they knew what they wanted and were ready to compete when they found a place that checked all their boxes. Their short, but sweet search included finding a single family home with a yard, and a place to park Eduardo's work truck. This couple went out to look for properties... get ready for this.... ONCE, when they found a home they knew they wanted!

This home had already fallen out of escrow once because the property had come under value in the appraisal (yup, it's the story of this market), but had over 20 offers the first time on the market. Mariela and Eduardo agreed to cover the appraisal gap, because they knew it was worth it and had a long term view on owning this home. This property was exactly what they were looking for and they wanted and were ready to be homeowners.

Their home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, with a big beautiful backyard - the perfect SoCal home with big mature palm trees, and a view of the mountains. They got a wonderful starter home with tons of potential, not fully remodeled but in good condition. These smart buyers had exactly what it takes in getting a home in this market. Congratulations to this beautiful couple, Mariela & Eduardo on your new home!


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