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Empathy Helps

As many of you may have read, seen, or perhaps even experienced yourself, the market right now can be tough for buyers and there is a lot of competition out there. Many are looking for some way to stand out, but something we, here at TGATH like to remind our clients about is the human connection and emotional aspect of real estate. You never know the story behind that door at the showing or open house. This is a seller's market, but why are they selling? It could be a job loss, loss of a loved one, health issues, divorce; any of these factors could be on the other side... can you as a buyer be empathetic?

A home can be a source of years of cherished memories, and many sellers want to work with a buyer who cares about the home and how it will impact them. It's important for a buyer to go into any real estate transaction with an understanding about what might help the seller also be able to meet their goals and expectations, not just their own. In short, be a 'team player', have understanding that this process can be one in which everyone benefits! An agent often faced with multiple offers, many of which are similar is also in a position to weigh not only the buyer's finances, but also the ability for the buyer's agent to communicate effectively with both sides in order to work to have a smooth and successful closing. Nothing in real estate is perfect, so communication, patience, and empathy - putting yourself in their shoes is key.

Real estate does not have to be a battle. In fact, though emotional at times, we at TGATH do our best to navigate through all of the different situations (even when we may not know what the situation is on the other side) with kindness, professionalism and also determination to make sure everyone comes out happy and satisfied with the outcome, on all sides!


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