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Have a Vision // Invest in Your Own Asset

When it comes to buying or selling a home, being positive, having vision, feeling empowered and making good choices are all key to being successful. All of these will help you to look beyond imperfections in a property and see the potential. You need to think, "How can designing a space, upgrading and replacing improve the value of this home or investment?" Do you see this as just "spending money", or do you see it as investing in your OWN ASSET?

When you are looking at a property, you need to have a vision. Yes, there are certain things that you can't change (like location), but there are so many things that you can do through smart design choices to greatly add value. Yes, the market will dictate to a certain degree how much a property will appreciate, but by updating your home - both internally and aesthetically - you are in control, and you can set the standard for how much your property can be worth. We've seen it time and time again... the properties that are well-designed and beautifully staged go above and beyond the comps in the area because the buyers can see themselves in the home.

Do you have what it takes to make that happen for your property? It's a challenge many people have successfully met, and at The Girl and The Home we want our clients to feel empowered to do that. It's work, but it's rewarding and satisfying to see how much you can do just by picking the right paint colors, choosing great landscaping, re-modeling a kitchen or bathroom etc, to add to the value of a property.


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